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Author Topic: Turtle Project  (Read 1532 times)
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« on: May 06, 2008, 05:48:31 AM »

Friends,  It is good to have the new site up and running, kudos Bill and team. 
  Status on my project: Made incredible progress since starting this over the winter. Body is all set as are the cargo platforms (side rack & dump bed with stake racks). Got the hard-doors installed and back wall securely in place. Eventually need to think of a way to enclose the cab (hard or soft...?) before the snow flies. I might even be pushin' snow around this year. Tossed the bench seat in favor of 2 good buckets, (tight fit) so still need to weld 'em into place (I know an awsome welder). Then only need a radiator to go wheeling - have a few ideas / leads there, but nothing concrete - could use some help if you have it to offer. Oh, also the brakes are not in yet, "over rated" you say? well until you REALLY need to stop, maybe. The front drive shaft needs some mod work to go from the '64 trans to the '65 diff (the details kill). Installed a "lincoln locker" in rear, so it should go pretty well without the front wheels pulling. Anyone got an old set of (4) tire chains for 31x10.5 tires you don't want anymore? Also need a window frame (anybody got one?), old one is extreeeemly rusted and will not hold glass (if I decide to install glass!!) It still looks pretty rough bodywise, but the unit has turned out cool enough that I think I will take it to the next level and even paint it!!  So I will need to do some sanding on the old rusty sheet metal / flakey paint and then shoot it with a coat of shiny stuff - thinking 2 tone, orange / tan for best effect with all the "custom" wood work.  I will get some pics on this site for all you arm-chair-wheelers, when I have some time to play with the PC or you can simply stop by my farm to admire the turtle in person and enjoy a cold one with the proud owner.
  Special thanks to all who stopped by Fred's shop to help and huge thanks to Fred for his incredible support (shop, parts, tools, experience...) during this effort - this jeep is now pretty close to what I envisioned when I conceived the idea and began collecting the parts...15+ years ago. Dare I say it - a dream come true? yea, right - more like a dirty nightmare.  See ya on the trail.  Scott

1) 1970's M151A2 mostly stock with 9x32 TSL's
2) Turtle - '64/'65 CJ5 Utility Vehicle; rebuilt 134 F-head, T-90, Spicer 18, Dana 44 rear (spooled), Dana 27 front (open), narrowed tub, side platform, rear dumping bed, etc.
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